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The contents of back issues of the International Journal of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest and its predecessors, the Southwest Journal of Linguistics and the Journal of the Linguistic Association of the Southwest are described in reverse chronological order below. The number of copies of some issues is extremely limited. For more information on ordering back issues, please contact Executive Director Daniel Villa or Joint Editors Jill Brody and Jeremy King.


Daniel Villa and Susan V. Mills, eds.
24:1-2 (2005) Pp. 1-206

Pamela L. Anderson-Mejías
Generation and Spanish Language Use in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Esther L. Brown
Syllable-Initial /s/ in Traditional New Mexican Spanish: Linguistic Factors Favoring Reduction ahina

Holly R. Cashman
Aggravation and Disagreement: A Case Study of a Bilingual, Cross-Sex Dispute
in a Phoenix Classroom

Julie Dowling
'I'm Not Mexican…pero soy mexicano': Linguistic Context of Labeling among Mexican Americans in Texas

María Dolores Gonzales
Todavía decimos 'nosotros {los} mexicanos': Construction of Identity Labels Among nuevomexicanos

Glenn A. Martínez
Genres and Genre Chains: Post-process Perspectives on Heritage Language Writing
in a South Texas Setting

Robert E. McCullough and Devin L. Jenkins
Out With the Old, In With the New?: Recent Trends in Spanish Language Use in Colorado

Susana V. Mills
Acculturation and Communicative Need in the Process of Language Shift:
The Case of an Arizona Community

Marie T. Mora, Daniel J. Villa and Alberto Dávila
Language Maintenance Among the Children of Immigrants: A Comparison of Border States with Other Regions of the U.S.

M. Irene Moyna and Wendy Decker
A Historical Perspective on Spanish in the California Borderlands

Daniel J. Villa and Jennifer Villa
Language Instrumentality in a Border Region: Implications for the Loss of Spanish in the Southwest

Erik W. Willis
An Initial Examination of Southwest Spanish Vowels

Domnita Dumitrescu
Review of Azevedo: Introducción a la lingüística española

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
23:2 (2004) Pp. 1-218

Lisa Brunetti:
Are there two distinct foci in Italian?

Peter Ecke:
Words on the tip of the tongue: A study of lexical retrieval failures in Spanish-English bilinguals

Timothy L. Face:
The intonation of absolute interrogatives in Castilian Spanish

María Ángeles Gómez-González:
A three-dimensional account of it-clefts in discourse: A corpus-based study

Yong Lang:
Is the acquire before or after a?

Winfred P. Lehmann:
Some proposals for historical linguistic grammars

Robert. E. Longacre:
Spanish loans in Chicahuaxtla Trique

Daniel J. Smith:
Spanish influenced by English in Georgia: Intra-speaker variation

Rumiko Sode:
Nominal apposition in Japanese

Eduardo Faingold:
Book note on Scholar's Zulu dictionary: English-Zulu/Zulu-English. 3rd edn. By G. R. Dent and C. L. S. Nyembezi. (1995, Hippocrene Books)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
23:1 (2004) Pp. 1-131

2003 Keynote Address
José G. Moreno de Alba:
El Atlas Lingüística de México: Sus aportaciones de método a la dialectología

Laura Callahan:
Native speakers? attitudes toward the use of Spanish by non-native speakers: From George W. to J. Lo

Debbie S. Cunningham::
Domingo Ramón's 1716 expedition into Texas: On Foik's translation

Gary B. Palmer, Russell S. Rader, and Art D. Clarito:
Every affix is an archipelago: Tagalog ka- as a semantic partial

Kim Potowski:
Spanish language shift in Chicago

Harmon Boertien:
A note on LASSO history: Addendum to the 2001 Presidential Address

Domnita Dumitrescu:
Review of Del Latín al rumano by Marius Sala (2002, Unión Latina and Univers Enciclopedic)

Leonid Kulikov:
Review of Number by Greville G. Corbett (2000, Cambridge University Press)

Carroll L. Riley:
Review of The diary of Juan Domínguez de Mendoz's expedition into Texas (1683-1684) by Brian Imhoff (2002, William P. Clements Center for Southwest Studies, Southern Methodist University)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
22:2 (2003) Pp. 1-168

Scott Alvord:
The psychological unreality of quantity sensitivity in Spanish: Experimental evidence

Susana Margarita Cid-Hazard:
Variación de estilo en relación a la variable fonológica /s / en el español de Santiago de Chile

Sonia Colina:
Diminutives in Spanish: A morpho-phonological account

Ana Ojea:
Tense and aspect in English and Spanish past forms

Walter Spitz:
Determinacy in Hiligaynon

Lamont D. Antieau:
Review of Linguistic fieldwork, ed. by Paul Newman and Martha Ratliff (2001, Cambridge University Press)

Domnita Dumitrescu:
Review of Bibliografía básica y selectiva de lingüística románica by Dan Munteanu Colán and Rafael Rodríguez Marín (2003, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Universidad de Alcalá)

MaryEllen Garcia:
Review of Linguistic borrowing in bilingual contexts by Fredric W. Field (2002, John Benjamins Publishers)

Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza:
Review of Learning through language in early childhood by Clare Painter (1999, Cassell Academic)

James H. Yang:
Review of English language teaching in its social context: A reader, ed. by Christopher N. Candlin and Neil Mercer (2001, Routledge)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
22:1 (2003) Pp. 1-143

2001 Presidential Address
MaryEllen Garcia:

Speaking Spanish in Los Angeles and San Antonio: Who, when, where, why

2002 Keynote Address:
Yen-hui Audrey Li

Making sense of language differences

Jessica A. Barlow:
The stop-spirant alternation in Spanish: Converging evidence for a fortition account

Sonia Colina:
The status of word-final [e] in Spanish

Ke Zou:
Verb-noun compounds in Chinese English language learners

Samuel G. Armistead:
Review of El español en el Sur de Estados Unidos: Estudios, encuestas, textos by Manuel Alvar (2000, Universidad de Alcalá - La Goleta Ediciones)

Eduardo Faingold:
Review of Léxico histórico del español de México: Régimen, clases funcionales, usos sintácticos, frecuencias y variación gráfica by Concepción Company and Chantal Melis (2002, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Monika Gosin:
Review of I am my language: Discourses of women and children in the borderlands by Norma Gonzalez (2001, The University of Arizona Press)

Lamont Lindstrom:
Review of The ecology of language evolution by Salikoko S. Mufwene (2001, Cambridge University Press)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
21:2 (2002) Pp. 1-135

Agnes Bolonyai:
Case systems in contact: Syntactic and lexical case in bilingual child language

María M. Carreira:
The media, marketing and critical mass: Portents of linguistic maintenance

Timothy L. Face:
Disentangling the necessarily entangled: The phonology and phonetics of Spanish spirantization

Emilia Alonso Marks, Danny R. Moates, Z. S. Bond, and Leonor Vázquez:
Vowel mutability: the case of monolingual Spanish listeners And bilingual Spanish-English listeners

Dudley W. Reynolds:
Linguistic and cognitive development in the writing of middle-grade English language learners

Nancy Joe Dyer:
Review of Documenting the colonial experience, with special regard to Spanish in the American Southwest, ed. by Barbara De Marco and Jerry R. Craddock. (1999-2000, Special Issue in Two Parts of Romance Philology 53)

Timothy L. Face:
Review of A phonological model for intonation without low tone. by Mercedes Cabrera-Abreu (2000, Indiana University Linguistics Club)

Don E. Walicek:
Review of English language teaching in its social context: A reader by Christopher N. Candlin and Neil Mercer (2001, Routledge)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
21:1 (2002) Pp. 1-188

1999 Presidential Address
Harmon Boertien:

On the occasion of our 30th: A retrospection

2001 Keynote Address:
John Baugh

Educational malpractice and the sociopolitical concerns of language-minority students

2001 Keynote Address:
Pamela Munro

Hierarchical pronouns in discourse: Third-person pronouns in San Lucas Quiavin? Zapotec narratives

Eleni Bužarovska::
The purpose-modification continuum: Purposive da-relative clauses in Macedonian

Patricia M. Lestrade:
The continuing decline of Isleño Spanish in Louisiana

Glenn A. Martínez:
Colonial lag, social change, and ethnolinguistic identity in South Texas, 1791-1910

Regina Morin:
Coronal and velar softening in Spanish: Theoretical, historical and empirical evidence of lexicalization

Patrick H. Smith:
'Ni a pocha va a llegar': Minority language loss and dual language schooling in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands

Timothy L. Face:
Review of Introducción a la lingüística hispánica by José Ignacio Hualde, Antxon Olarrea and Anna María Escobar (2001, Cambridge University Press)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
20:2 (2001) Pp. 1-223

1999 Presidential Address
Jill Brody:

From conquistadors to Zapatistas: Language contact, change, and judgments of authenticity

Brigitte L.M. Bauer:
Variability in word order: Adjectives and comparatives in Latin, Romance, and Germanic

Lida Dutkova-Cope:
The language of Czech Moravians in Texas: "Do you know what párknu káru u hauza means?"

David Eddington:
Surface analogy and spelling rules in English vowel alternations

Elly van Gelderen:
The Force of ForceP in English

1999 Helmut Esau Award Winner
Joke Mondada:

Characters in the narrative 'Kompa Nanzi i Cha Tiger': A Hallidayan perspective

Misumi Sadler:
Iconically motivated use of the Japanese discourse markers sorede, nde and de in conversation

Allison D. Smith:
Review of Language alive in the classroom, Ed. by Rebecca S. Wheeler (1999, Praeger)

Thematic Supplement:
Studies in language contact: Spanish in the U.S. and the Caribbean
Daniel Villa, Supplement Editor

Luis A. Ortiz López:
El sistema verbal del Español hatiano en Cuba: Implicaciones para las lenguas en contacto en el Caribe

Arnulfo G. Ramírez:
Lexical characteristics of Southwest Spanish and the Atlas lingüístico de Hispanoamérica

Susana V. Rivera-Mills:
Acculturation and communicative need: Language shift in an ethnically diverse Hispanic community

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
20:1 (2001) Pp. 1-201

Presidential Address
Daniel Villa:

A millennial reflection sobre la nueva reconquista

2000 Keynote Address
Yolanda Lastra:

Degrees of bilingualism in Otomí communities

Lida Dutkova-Cope:
Texas Czech: The language of Texans who say they speak 'a different type of Czech'

Terry Malone:
Canonically long and geminate vowels in Chimila (Chibchan)

Eduardo Faingold:
Review of Old French-English dictionary by Alan Hindley, Frederick W. Langley and Brian J. Levy (2000, Cambridge University Press)

Mary Jane Hurst:
Review of Women, language, and linguistics: Three American stories from the first half of the twentieth century by Julia S. Falk (1999, Routledge)

Eva Núñez-Méndez:
Review of Sociolinguistics by Bernard Spolsky (1997, Oxford University Press)

Thematic Supplement:
Studies in language contact: Indigenous languages in the Americas
Daniel Villa, Supplement Editor

Anna María Escobar:
Semantic and pragmatic functions of the Spanish diminutive in Spanish in contact with Quechua

Shaw N. Gynan:
Paraguayan language policy and the future of Guaraní

Carol A. Klee:
Historical perspectives on Spanish-Quechua language contact in Peru

Liliana Paredes:
The proficiency continuum in Quechua-Spanish bilingual speakers: An analysis of the verbal clitic system

Special Issue. Studies in language contact: Spanish in the U.S.
Daniel Villa, Collection Editor
19:2 (2000) Pp. 1-163

Rena Torres Cacoullos and Fernanda Ferreira:
Lexical frequency and voiced labiodental-bilabial variation in New Mexican Spanish

Marta Fairclough:
Expresiones de modalidad en una situación de contacto: Deber (de) vs. tener que en el español hablado en Houston

Nydia Flores and Jeannette Toro:
The persistence of dialect features under conditions of contact and leveling

Madeline M. Maxwell and Laura Polich:
When a conversational partner is also interpreter

Eva Mendieta and Isabel Molina:
Caracterización léxica del español hablado en el noroeste de Indiana

Sandra Liliana Pucci:
Maintenance of literacy in Spanish by Salvadorans in Los Angeles

Leonora A. Timm:
Y se hincha into armor: The pragmatics, metapragmatics, and aesthetics of Spanish/English code-switching poetry

Juan Antonio Trujillo:
Socioeconomic identity and linguistic borrowing in pre-statehood New Mexico legal texts

Diane Ringer Uber:
'Dealing' with bilingualism: Business language in Puerto Rico

Daniel Villa:
Languages have armies, and economies, too: The presence of U.S. Spanish in the Spanish-speaking world

Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza:
Review of Ricento and Burnaby: Language and Politics in the United States and Canada: Myths and realities (Lawrence Earlbaum, 1998)

David Singleton:
Broeder and Extra: Language, ethnicity and education: Case studies of immigrant minority groups and immigrant minority languages

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
19:1 (2000) Pp. 1-102

1999 Keynote Address
Paul Hopper:

The ideal of consistency in thinking about language

Garland D. Bills, Alan Hudson, Eduardo Hernández-Chávez:
Spanish home language use and English proficiency as differential measures of language maintenance and shift

Marianna Chodorowska-Pilch:
The imperfect of politeness in Spanish

Timothy L. Face:
Prosodic manifestations of focus in Spanish

Beth L. Losiewicz:
A specialized language system in working memory: Evidence from American Sign Language

Teresa Moralejo-Gárate:
That/zero variation in an Early Modern English corpus of private and non-private letters

Gary Holton:
Review of The Navajo verb: A grammar for students and scholars by Leonard M. Faltz (1998, University of New Mexico Press)

Swathi Vanniarajan:
Review of Language processing and second language development by Manfred Pienemann (1998, John Benjamins)

Daniel Villa:
Review of Advances in Hispanic linguistics: Papers from the 2nd Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, Volumes 1 and 2 ed. by Javier Gutiérrez-Rexach and Fernando Martínez-Gil. (1999, Cascadilla Press)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
18:2 (1999) Pp. 1-154

Robert Bayley:
The primacy of aspect hypothesis revisited: Evidence from language shift

David Eddington:
On 'becoming' in Spanish: A corpus analysis of verbs expressing change of state

Fredric Field:
Language mixing: The effects of a matrix system

Rena Torres Cacoullos and José Esteban Hernández:
A trabajarle: La construcción intensiva en el español mexicano

Jeffrey S. Turley:
The creation of a grammaticalization chain: The story of Spanish decausative, passive, and indeterminate reflexive constructions

Steven Byrd:
Review of El desarrollo de futuridad en el español by Daniel Villa Crésap (1997, Grupo Editorial Eón)

Linda McManness:
Review of A Minimalist approach to intrasentential code switching by Jeff MacSwan (1999, Garland)

Allison D. Smith:
Review of The biomedical discussion section in context by Betty Lou Dubois (1997, Ablex)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
18:1 (1999) Pp. 1-138

Presidential Address
Robert D. King:

Lessons of public linguistics

1998 Keynote Address
Jane H. Hill and Ofelia Zepeda:

Language, gender, and biology: Pulmonic ingressive airstream in women's speech in Tohono O'odham

1998 Helmut Esau Award Winner
Jeong-Hwa Lee:

The semantics of the Korean motion verbs kkulta and tangkita

Rong Chen:
How Southern Californians 'talk dirty': Taboo words as a sociolinguistic variable

Ferdinand de Haan:
Evidentiality and epistemic modality: Setting boundaries

Joseph R. Weyers:
Spanish as an ethnic marker in El Paso, Texas

Jerold A. Edmondson:
Review of Studies in Chinese linguistics ed by Cheng Chin-Chuan, Jerome L. Packard, and James Hye Suk Yoon. (1996, Studies in the Linguistic Sciences)

Eduardo Faingold:
Review of América negra: Panorámica actual de los estudios lingüísticos sobre variedades hispanas, portuguesas y criollas ed. by Matthias Perl and Armin Schwegler (1998, Vervuert)

Donald Gilbert:
Review of How the mind works by Steven Pinker (1997, Norton)

Peter Gingiss:
Review of Exploring the language of poems, plays, and prose by Mick Short (1996, Longman)

Sonia Hocherman:
Review of CD-ROM to accompany Dos Mundos (Fourth Edition) by Tracy D.Terrell, Magdalena Andrade, Jeanne Egasse, and Elías Miguel Muñoz (1998, McGraw-Hill)

Brian Imhoff:
Review of Sociolingüística histórica (Siglos X-XII) by Francisco Gimeno Menéndez (1995, Visor)

Linda McManness:
Review of Child language, creolization, and historical change: Spanish in contact with Portuguese by Eduardo D. Faingold (1996, Gunter Narr Verlag)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
17:2 (1998) Pp. 1-136

Walcir Cardoso:
The domain of across-word regressive assimilation in Picard: An optimality theoretic account

Margaret Field:
Politeness and indirection in Navajo directives

Shaw N. Gynan:
Attitudinal dimensions of Guaraní-Spanish bilingualism in Paraguay

Donald E. Hardy and Chris Newton:
Why is she so negative? Negation and knowledge in Flannery O'Connor's A good man is hard to find

Patricia MacGregor-Mendoza:
Language and the bilingual teacher: Use, attitudes, roles

Jeff MacSwan:
The argument status of NPs in Southeast Puebla Nahuatl: Comments on the Polysynthesis Parameter

N. Ariana Mrak:
El discurso de pasado en el español de Houston: Imperfectividad y perfectividad verbal en una situación de contacto

Ann Daghistany:
Review of Ms. Mentor's impeccable advice for women In academia by Emily Toth (1997, University of Pennsylvania Press)

M. Lynne Murphy:
Review of Language and Conceptualization ed. by Jan Nuyts and Eric Pederson (1997, Cambridge)


Jon G. Jonz, ed.
17:1 (1998) Pp. 1-111

Presidential Address
Mary Jane Hurst:

Language, gender, and community in American fiction at the end of the century

Robert J. Baumgardner and Salvador Venegas Escobar:
Borrowing as scaffolding

Jon Franco and Alazne Landa:
Symmetries and asymmetries in the acquisition of Basque inflectional morphology by Spanish-speaking children and adults

MaryEllen Garcia:
Gender marking in a dialect of Southwest Spanish

Aya Katz:
Recycled morphemes and grammaticalization: The Hebrew copula and pronoun

Louise Lockard:
We could make a book: The textual tradition of Navajo language literacy 1940-1990

Ferdinand de Haan:
Review of Causatives and causation: A universal-typological perspective by Jae Jung Song (1996, Longman)

Jon G. Jonz, ed.
16:1/2 (1997) Pp. 1-96

Presidential Address
Carolyn G. Hartnett:
A Hallidayan functional discourse analysis that teaches a minor genre and more

Julia S. Falk:
Territoriality, relationships, and reputation: The case of Gladys A. Reichard

Earl M. Herrick:
Razoring the euthetic network of language

Pam Cope:
Comments on Herrick's 'Razoring the euthetic network of language'

Charles Holloway:
Divergent twins: Isleño and Brule Spanish in Louisiana

Kirk A. Widdison:
Physical parameters behind the stop-spirant alternation in Spanish

Lori Boykin:
Review of Women talk: Conversation between women friends by Jennifer Coates (1996, Blackwell)

Kirk A. Widdison:
Review of The handbook of phonetic sciences ed. by William J. Hardcastle and John Laver. (1997, Blackwell)

Mary Jane Hurst:
Review of Language and gender in American fiction: Howells, James, Wharton and Cather by Elsa Nettels. (1997, University Press of Virginia)

Special issue: Language Loss and Public Policy II
Garland D. Bills, Guest Editor
15:1/2 (1996)Pp. 1-169

Richard B. Baldauf, Jr.:
Back from the brink? Revival, restoration, and maintenance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages

Brigitte L. M. Bauer:
Language loss in Gaul: Socio-historical and linguistic factors in language conflict

Arienne M. Dwyer:
When orthographies are verboten: Endangered-language policy in northwestern China

N. Louanna Furbee:
Language attrition and language planning in accomodation perspective

Rainer Enrique Hamel:
Language, discourse, and cultural models: Three levels of shift and maintenance

David Harmon:
Losing species, losing languages: Connections between biological and linguistic diversity

Glenn S. Levine:
Elderly second-generation speakers of Yiddish: Toward a model of L1 loss, incomplete L1 acquisition, competence, and control

Michael Noonan:
The fall and rise and fall of the Chantyal language

Lucinda Pease-Alvarez, Robert Bayley, and Kenji Hakuta:
Spanish proficiency and language use in a California Mexicano community

Anneli Schaufeli:
Word order in a Turkish-Dutch contact situation

Robert Williams:
Language obsolescence and attrition: Referential tracking in Oklahoma Choctaw

Special issue: Language Loss and Public Policy I
Garland D. Bills, Guest Editor
14:1/2 (1995) Pp. 1-181

David Harmon:
The status of the world's languages as reported in Ethnologue

Leanne Hinton:
Current issues affecting language loss and language survival in California

Dorit Kaufman:
Where have all the verbs gone? Autonomy and interaction in attrition

Steven Lasswell:
North Frisian: Dialectalization and demise?

Maria Polinsky:
Cross-linguistic parallels in language loss

Muriel Saville-Troike, Junlin Pan, and Ludmila Dutkova:
Differential effects of L2 on children's L1 development/attrition

Harold F. Schiffman:
Language shift in the Tamil communities of Malaysia and Singapore: The paradox of egalitarian language policy

Walt Wolfram and Natalie Schilling-Estes:
Endangered dialects: A neglected situation in the endangerment canon

Eduardo Faingold, Guest Editor
13:1/2 (1994) Pp. 1-123

Lise M. Dobrin
On the prosodic integrity of underlying forms

Anna María Escobar:
Evidential uses in the Spanish of Quechua speakers in Peru

Carolyn Hartnett:
How do news reports differ from human interest stories?

Helen Gant Guillory:
The reanalysis of subject/verb order in French from the 8th through the 16th centuries

Eva Mendieta:
Índices de mantenimiento del español en el Noroeste de Indiana

Lynn Nichols:
Subordination and ablaut in Kiowa-Tanoan

Sandra B. Schreffler:
Pronoun Options in Guatemalan and Salvadoran Speech

Debbie Berhó:
Review of An introduction to sociolinguistics by Janet Holmes (1992, Longman)

Daniel Villa, Guest Editor
12:1/2 (1993) Pp. 1-129

Presidential Address
Shaw N. Gynan:
An analysis of attitudes toward Spanish as expressed in U.S. English Update

Eliverio Chávez:
Gender differentiation in language loss among Hispanic children in Northern New Mexico

Martha Swearingen Davis:
The anterior and object clitic placement in Palenquero

Ofelia García:
From Goya portraits to Goya beans: Elite traditions and popular streams in US Spanish language policy

Jane Hill:
Spanish in the indigenous languages of Mesoamerica and the Southwest: Beyond Stage Theory to the dynamics of Incorporation and Resistance

John Lipski:
Syllabic consonants in New Mexico Spanish: The geometry of syllabification

Heather Hardy, ed.
11:1/2 (1992) Pp. 1-97

Winfred Lehmann, "Linguistics during the life of LASSO"

David Eddington, "Word-medial epenthesis in Spanish: A lexical phonological approach"

Cynthia Ford Meyer, "The semantics of periphrastic causatives in Khmer"

William Spruiell, "Explaining the meaning of participant nominalizations"

Margie White, "Interviews: The effects of social variables on interaction"

Heather Hardy, ed.
10:2 (1991) Pp. 1-131

Donald Hardy, "Linguistics and literary theory: The dancer and the dance"

Charles Hockett, "The phonemic principle and gestalt perception"

Domnita Dumitrescu, "Spanish echo questions and their relevance for current syntactic theory"

L.W. Ledgerwood, "The semantic quantified with ever"

Jaromira Rakusan, "How to translate from English to English"

David Turpin, "A botanical naming challenge in the New World: The interplay of utility and semantic shift"

Book reviews

Alan Hudson, ed.
10:1(1991) Pp. 1-234
Special issue: Studies in Diglossia

Alan Hudson, "Toward the systematic study of diglossia"

Madhav Deshpande, "Conceptions of diglossia in the writings of Sanskrit grammarians"

John Paolillo, "Sinhala diglossia and the theory of government and binding"

Francis Britto, "Tamil diglossia: An interpretation"

Bernard Spolsky, "Diglossia in Hebrew in the late Second Temple Period"

Alain Peyraube, "Some diachronic aspects of diglossia/triglossia in Chinese"

Florian Coulmas, "Does the notion of diglossia apply to Japanese?"

Steven Caton, "Diglossia in North Yemen: A case of competing linguistic communities"

Bernard Comrie, "Diglossia and the Old Russian period"

Harold Schiffman, "Swiss-German diglossia"

Joseph Errington, "A muddle for the model: Diglossia and the case of Javanese"

Charles Ferguson, "Epilogue: Diglossia revisited"

Heather Hardy, ed.
9:2 (1990) Pp. 1-173

Richard Teschner, "Adequate motivation and bilingual education"

Betty Lou Dubois, "Regular adverbs of manner in LeCarre's Naive and sentimental lover"

Shin Ja Hwang, "Foreground information in narrative"

Jon Jonz, "An intratextual analysis of cloze procedure"

Marlin Leaders, "Conjunctions in Middle Watut of Papua New Guinea"

Barbara Paskay & Ramarao Kanneganti, "The semantics of involvement in Telugu causation"

Book reviews

Heather Hardy, ed.
9:1 (1989) Pp. 1-174
Special issue: Native American Languages

Howard Berman, "More California Penutian morphological elements"

Deanna Bradshaw, "The logical structure of negation in Crow"

Donald Hardy, "The semantic basis of the primary object/secondary object distinction in Blackfeet"

Geoffrey Kimball, "Peregrine falcon and great horned owl: Ego and shadow in a Koasati tale"

Jack Martin, "Absolutive -wa in Creek"

Timothy Montler, "Infixation, reduplication, and metathesis in the Saanich actual aspect"

Pamela Munro, "Postposition incorporation in Pima"

Janine Scancarelli, "Marking discontinuity in Pima and O'odham (Papago)"

David Shaul, "Teguima (Opata) phonology"

Charles Ulrich, "Tone association in Choctaw"

Heather Hardy, ed.
8:2 (1988) Pp. 1-85

Eliverio Chávez, "Sex differences in language shift"

Bates Hoffer & Nobuyuki Honna, "The influx of English into the Japanese language"

George Huttar & Mary Huttar, "A humorous Paramaccan text"

Cynthia Ford Meyer, "The morpheme ba:n as a boundary marker in Khmer"

Jean Newman, "Prosodic 'tuning' of semantic dimensions"

Jon Amastae, ed.
8:1 (1985) Pp. 1-83

John Lipski, "Sabine River Spanish: Vestigial 18th century Mexican Spanish in Texas and Louisiana"

Kun-Ok Kim, "Diachronic study of sociolinguistic situations in Korea"

David Tuggy, "Why the oddness of reflexives isn't odd"

Irene Wherritt, "Catholics and Hindus: Portuguese language shift in Goa, India"

Dan Foster, "Pragmatic information in many and few"

Jon Amastae, ed.
7:2 (1984) Pp. 74-156

Carole Edelsky, "The effect of 'theory' on theory -- and other phenomena"

Philip Davis & Heather Hardy, "Nominal-sentential morphology in Alabama"

John Lipski, "The impact of Louisiana isleño Spanish on historical dialectology"

Hugo Mejías & Pamela Anderson, "Language maintenance in southern Texas"

Eunice Pike, "Some universals of tone and allotones"

Shin Ja Hwang, "A cognitive basis for discourse grammar"

Jon Amastae, ed.
7:1 (1984) Pp. 1-73

Alan Hudson-Edwards, "Rediscovering diglossia"

Ryan Bishop, "Beckett and the language of the void"

D. Wells Coleman, "Idiomaticity and the autonomy of syntax in stratificational grammar"

Kathryn Riley, "Semantic and pragmatic properties of certain double-object constructions"

Lenard Studerus, "Impersonal se + lo(s), la(s): A tentative regional profile"

Book review

Jon Amastae, ed.
6:2 (1983) Pp. 95-195

Daniel Evans, "Integrating diverse approaches in EFL program planning"

James Fallon, "Factors-in-the-field affecting a language-planning proposal: A Saudi-Arabian example"

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